Check out these 3rd Grade Websites!

Free Keyboarding Sites

BBC's Dance Mat Typing

Save the Sailboats


Keyboarding Sites from the Humble ISD - recommended by Mrs. Kelly



Try out these Math Games

Battleship Numberline - Collect stars and explode paper ships by estimating their position on a number line.

Bugabaloo Math - Can you figure out how many shoes our bug friend has? Work your way up the different levels of addition!

The Function Machine - This machine gives you the answer. Can you guess the function?
Try this fun tic-tac-toe game to learn your addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts!

Line Plot Graphs - See if you can you answer these questions by looking at some line plot graphs. (Teacher Reminder: There is a daily practice limit of 20 questions on this website without a subscription!)

Online flashcards - Practice your multiplication facts!

Platonic Solids - Can you find the vertices, edges, and faces of these shapes? (Note: Platonic Solids is under the Geometry section.)

Congruent Triangles - Can you build congruent triangles by combining sides?

Hidden Pictures Multiplication - Reveal the hidden picture by using your multiplication skills.

Hidden Pictures Subtraction - Reveal the hidden picture by using your subtraction skills.

Seesaw Logic - Use the seesaw balance to compare the mass of different shapes.

Find more games on these great Math Websites
Check out the Sheppard Software website for some great math games.

Arcademic Skill Builders - Play a fun math game by yourself or with your classmates!

Virtual Manipulatives - Practice your math skills with these games. Everything from using pattern blocks to telling time is here! - Lots of games to practice your multiplication math facts.

MathUSee Drill - Choose the operation and test yourself on your math facts!

AAA Math- Choose your topic, then choose practice to work on your skills!

Johnnie's Math Page- Play these numbers and operations games, including using Base 10 Blocks and finding place values.

Apples4Teachers - Find patterns in numbers using the Interactive Number Charts, or try a Number Sense game!

Illuminations - Choose a grade level or type in a keyword, hit search, and find lots of fun math games!

Math Facts Practice - Timed math practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This game contains multiple skill levels and a printable results chart. On your marks, get set, GO!


Social Studies

Research Connection - NH Symbols

Money Around the World - Find out what other countries use for currency on this website!

BankNote World - Take a look at what money looks like in other countries!

America on the Move - Develop a better understanding of change over time by checking out the games on this website.

Scholastic Dear America - Learn more about the different time periods in America's history.

Geo Games: Map Countries and Cities.** Spin the globe and place countries, then cities where they belong while being timed. Fun!

Continents and Oceans - Can you identify these continents and oceans on a map?

Continents and Oceans- Try your hand at this matching game too!

Continents and Oceans - Play a fun hangman game to test your knowledge!

World Continents and Oceans games - Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Levels!

Where is That? - Test your geography skills with these map games.

MacMillan Textbook Website - Fun quizzes and vocabulary games!

Research Connection - American Culture


Language Arts

Guide Word Games - Here are the games you have been playing in the Media Center. Are your guide word skills enough to win $1,000,000?

Word Central - Try the games on this site created by Merriam-Webster (the dictionary creators!)

New! Kids Lab Contractions - Practice your contractions with the activities on this page.

New! Punctuation Splat - Choose the correct punctuation and splat it into the gaps in the sentences!

Plural Girl - Practice choosing the correct plural form of words in this fun game!

Quia - Singular and plural possessive nouns - try these games to practice your skills!

Try identifying nouns in this fun Balloon Noun Game!

Play the Balloon Verb Game too!

Play the Balloon Pronoun Game too!

Spelling City - This website makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Just enter your spelling words, then select test me, teach me, or play a game.

Grammar Practice Park - Explore the park and practice your grammar skills!

Grammar Blast - Show off your grammar skills and earn points in these games.

Quia Guide Word to the Stars- Practice using guide words to put words in order.

Scott Foresman Reading Website - List of stories with links to internet activities and websites.

Research Connection - Animal Project



Rocks and Minerals - Play these fun interactive games to learn about rocks and minerals and to test yourself!

Learn the parts of a flower with this fun interactive game.

Research Connection - Earth, Moon, and Sun

National Climatic Data Center- Search for storm events by state.

Smithsonian's Invention Playhouse - Explore the playful side of invention with interactive games like Cloud Dreamer, Puzzle Blocks, Tinker Ball, and Word Play.

Enchanted Learning - Ladybug

Additional Teacher Resources

Thinking Blocks - Thinking Blocks is an engaging, interactive math tool developed by classroom teachers to help students learn how to solve multistep word problems. Using brightly colored blocks, students model the relationships among the components of each word problem

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