4th Grade Research Connections:


Prairie Websites

North American Prairie Slideshows

Field Guide to the Prairie

NHPTV - Nature Files - Animals

Critter Catalog

Animal Diversity Web

NHPTV - Wildlife Journal Junior


Constitution Websites

National Constitution Center - Watch a video about the constitution, then play "Which Founder Are You?" .

Quia Bill of Rights - Play a matching or concentration game about the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution, or use the online flashcards.

Congress for Kids: Constitution - Learn about the constitution, then "Show What You Know" by trying the online quizzes.

Weekly Reader's Law of the Land - Check out this fun website full of good information about the Constitution!


Volcanoes, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes

Weather Wiz Kids - Volcanoes, Tornadoes, and Earthquakes

FEMA Tornadoes

Wild Weather - Tornadoes

National Geographic - Earthquakes

Scholastic - Earthquakes

USGS - Earthquakes for Kids

Scholastic - Volcanoes


Marine Animal Websites

Enchanted Learning

Caribbean Conservation Corp - Sea Turtles


Komodo Dragon Websites

Komodo National Park - website temporarily unavailable - 10/09.

Woodland Park Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

San Diego Zoo - Komodo Dragon

Saint Louis Zoo - Komodo Dragon

About.com - Komodo Dragon