Check Out These 4th Grade Websites!

Free Keyboarding Sites

BBC's Dance Mat Typing

Save the Sailboats


Keyboarding Sites from the Humble ISD - recommended by Mrs. Kelly



Cash Out - This fun game allows you to be the cashier at your own store.

Change Maker - Figure out how many of each bill or coin you should get back when you pay for something.

Minus Mission - Try this fun game to test your subtraction skills!

Other Math Websites to check out!

New! Check out the Sheppard Software website for some great math games.

Dare to Compare- Pick a subject like math, a grade, and the number of questions you want to answer, and you're on your way!

Math Playground - Practice your math skills, play a logic game, and have some fun!

Thinkquest - Learn how to solve math problems and then try your hand at some problems at this site by and for fourth graders.

Virtual Manipulatives - Use these games to practice everything from regrouping to adding fractions to solving problems using tangrams.

Matho - Practice your division with this Bingo type game.

AAA Math- Choose a topic, choose practice to work on your skills!

Johnnie's Math Page- Links to games using geometry, fractions, probability, and more!

Illuminations - Choose a grade level or type in a keyword, hit "search" and find fun math games!

Apples4Teachers - Check out these games, everything from money games to division games.

Math Online - Whiteboard tool: Decimal Number Line


Social Studies

Mr. Nussbaum"s Timeline Game - Test yourself to see if you can put important dates in US history in the correct order!

Play The Gold Rush: Strike It Rich to find out what it was like to hear the thrilling call for gold and travel to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.

New! Family Adventure - Use maps to find places and solve clues like an explorer!

New! GIS in Action - Use maps to solve problems and help animals!

National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers - It's your planet. Learn it, love it, explore it!

Arcademic Skill Builders - Click on the Geography tab and test your knowledge of states, capitals, and countries around the world.

KidsGeo Website - Check out the games, especially the longitude and latitude game!

National Geographic's Geospy - Identify countries, continents, and states with this fun game!

National Geographic's Quiz Your Noodle - Try these quizzes on geography facts and more!

Test Your Geography Knowledge - Try these online quizzes about continents, countries, and the United States!

MacMillan Textbook Website- Fun quizzes and vocabulary games!

All About the United States - Test your knowledge of the states, capitals, and geography of the US.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids - Learn about our government and play some fun games.

The Lemonade Game - A fun game to learn about supply and demand.

Scholastic - Lewis and Clark

US Mint - Lewis and Clark Adventure

Lewis and Clark - The Journey

National Geographic - Lewis and Clark

Scholastic's Harriet Tubman Web Hunt

Two Tickets to Freedom

Research Connection - The Constitution



National Geographic - Photo Ark Media Spotlights - Scroll down the page to Media Spotlights to learn about some animals with interesting adaptations!

National Geographic Encyclopedia - more information about adaptations

NASA's Earthkam! - Check out these images taken from the digital SLR camera on board the International Space Station.

Kids Korner - Learn about conductors and insulators at this website!

Science Buddies - Find ideas for fun science projects at this cool website!

San Diego Zoo - Rainforest Animals

National Geographic Creature Feature

Animals of the Rainforest

Sheppard's Software's Amazon Rainforest

Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Web Weather - Hurricanes - Learn all about hurricanes at this fun site.

FEMA Hurricanes - Take a hurricane quiz, learn about hurricane classification, and even play a hurricane game!

National Geographic's Eye of the Hurricane - Check out these facts, photos, and videos.

Scholastic Science Explorations - Journey into space, classify insects, and learn about animals and adaptation at this website that offers games and videos on different science topics.

NASA's The Space Place - Come on in and check out our games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space, and technology.

PSNH's Electrical Safety Fun World - Play games and learn facts about electricity.

Magnetism Battleship - Answer questions about Magnets and Electricity in this fun battleship game!

MIT Inventors - Want to know who invented aspirin? the computer mouse? the diesel engine? Check out this website to learn more about inventors and their inventions!

Inventors - Enchanted Learning

Smithsonian's Invention Playhouse - Explore the playful side of invention with interactive games like Cloud Dreamer, Puzzle Blocks, Tinker Ball, and Word Play.

Environment Protection Agency - Kids Club Game Room - Learn about the environment and have fun at the same time!

Museum of Natural History's OLogy - Science games, activities, and information about the earth, water, biodiversity, and more!

Research Connection - Marine Animals

Research Connection - The Prairie

Research Connection - Volcanoes and Tornadoes and Earthquakes, Oh My!


Language Arts

Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites - Check out some of the fun language arts games, like Fish Up Word Endings!

Try identifying nouns in this fun Balloon Noun Game!

Play the Balloon Verb Game too!

Play the Balloon Pronoun Game too!

Scholastic Writing With Writers - Poetry - Turn your words and ideas into poems with the help of a real poet!

"I Am Poem" Generator - Give yourself a head start with this fun poem helper!

Try this "I Am Poem" Generator too!

Word Jungle - Swing through the jungle by finding the synonyms to words.

Grammar Practice Par - Explore the park and practice your grammar skills.

Race to Ramses - Match prefixes and suffixes to make real words, and open locked gates to enter deeper into the pyramid!

Grammar Blast - Show off your grammar skills and earn points in these games.

Spelling City - This website makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Just enter your spelling words, then select test me, teach me, or play a game.

Scott Foresman Reading Website - List of stories with links to internet activities and websites.

Research Connection - Komodo Dragons


Wishes and Rainbows : A children's story designed to explore the economic problems of scarce resources and society’s reactions to such problems.
Wishes and Rainbows - Teacher’s Guid - Designed to accompany the comic-style booklet, “Wishes & Rainbows.” Provides
background information, an analysis of the economic themes in the comic book, discussion questions, a glossary of economic terms, and classroom activities.

Economic Games for Kids -- A lessons on supply and demand from EconEdlink.

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