Some 5th Grade Websites To Check Out!


Free Keyboarding Sites (for practice at home)

BBC's Dance Mat Typing

Keyboard Triathlon


Keyboarding Sites from the Humble ISD - recommended by Mrs. Kelly



Current Events

Scholastic News Online

Time for Kids


Language Arts

New! Comma Chameleon Game - Help the chameleon punctuate some sentences!

Try identifying nouns in this fun Balloon Noun Game!

Play the Balloon Verb Game too!

Play the Balloon Pronoun Game too!

Visuwords Online Graphical Dictionary - Check out this neat way to find word meanings and associations!

Research Connection - Space

Research Connection - Iditarod

Booktalks - Plain and Simple Looking for a good book? Listen to booktalks at this site by a New Hampshire school librarian.

Spelling City - This website makes practicing for spelling tests fun. Just enter your spelling words, then select test me, teach me, or play a game.

Scott Foresman Reading Website - List of stories with links to internet activities and websites.

Scholastic Ellis Island Interactive Tour

Ellis Island Passenger Search

Don't Gross Out the World - Take this fun quiz and see how others eat around the world!

Festivals Around the World

National Geographic - Vietnam

National Geographic Kids - Countries - Enter your country name in the search bar to find lot of kid-friendly info!

US Department of State - The link to "Country Profiles" on this website will give you lots of information on your country. (Country Profiles is on the right-hand side!)

Kwintessential - Learn about the etiquette and customs of your country.



Some Math Games

Battleship Numberline - Collect stars and explode paper ships by estimating their position on a number line. Choose from whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and measurement.

Math Playground - Measuring the area and perimeter of a rectangle - click here and give this game a try!

Measuring the area and perimeter of shapes - try these additional games to test your skills!

NCES Create a Graph Classic - Use your data to create a pie, line, bar, or area graph!

Mr. Nussbaum's Stock the Shelves - Check out this game that uses your coordinate graphing skills! Click here for links to other graphing games on this fun website.

Find more games at these great Math Websites

New! Check out the Sheppard Software website for some great math games.

Arcademic Skill Builders - Fun single-player or multi-player math games.

Math Playground - Practice your math skills, play logic games, and have some fun!

Matho - Practice your division with this Bingo-type game.

Virtual Manipulatives - Use these games to practice everything from regrouping to adding fractions to solving problems using tangrams.

AAA Math- Choose a topic, then choose practice to work on your skills!

Johnnie's Math Page- Links to games using geometry, fractions, probability, and more!

Apples4TheTeacher - Games of all kinds, from measurement to number sense, and more!

Illuminations Choose a grade level or type in a keyword, hit "search" and find fun math games!


Social Studies

Research Connection - American Revolution

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids - Learn about our government and play some fun games!

MacMillan Textbook Website- Fun quizzes and vocabulary games!

Research Connection - Explorer Websites

Research Connection - Negro Baseball League Websites

Famous People with Disabilities



New! NASA's Eyes on the Solar System - Explore the solar system in a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data!

New! Explore Mars - Using map coordinates, this game lets you explore the planet Mars with a rover.

USA Today Weather - Reading Weather Maps - Check out this website to better understand how weather is predicted.

Museum of Natural History's OLogy - Science games, activities, and information about astronomy, the earth, biodiversity, and more!

National Science Foundation's Pulse of the Planet - Listen to their daily podcasts about nature, culture, and science!

Kids Science Challenge- Learn about what scientists do and play fun games!

Environmental Protection Agency - Kids Club Game Room - Learn about the environment and have fun at the same time!

Scholastic's Science Exploration - Journey into space, classify insects, and learn about animals and adaptation at this website that offers games and videos on different science topics.

Research Connection - Ecosystems Websites

Ã…dditional Resources

Citation Machine - Cite your source with ease with Citation Machine's citation generator.

Easybib - Another website that can help you to cite your source!

Additional Teacher Resources:

Kids Rules for Online Safety

PBS Kids Online Safety Quiz- Take this "Rules of the Road" test to earn your web safety license.

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