►Cobblestone and Kids Discover Magazines◀︎

We have inventoried our Cobblestone and Kids Discover magazine collections, which are good examples of expository text, connect to curriculum topics, and can be a resource for close reading activities. The lists of available issues can be found on this Google spreadsheet.

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😃 From Dan Gillen, other useful resources for close-reading activities:

One-Page Nonfiction Reading Passages

One-Page Fiction Reading Passages

►PBS Learning Media Resources◀︎

Earth Science Resources:

Searchable Main Page - All Grades

Gr 3-5: Land and Water

Gr 3-5: Weather and Climate

Modules developed by WGBH in conjunction with NASA. These innovative, instructional modules

are NGSS-aligned, and contain digital media that address the content and practices in the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education. Modules span Grades K-12 and feature a total of 70 free learning resources.

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