Are you ready to explore the country of Honduras?

1. Get started by watching this 4 minute video:

Edmond uses his imagination and rides his "magic pillow" to get to Honduras. How do you think you would get there and how long would it take? Click on this link to and find out if your guess was correct. (Note: Enter FROM: Hooksett, NH and TO: Honduras, then click GO. )

2. Next, go to the World Book Online, look up the article on Honduras and read through it. Click on the link at the bottom of the article to go to the Honduras article in World Book Student. What does it say about education in Honduras?

3. Go back to World Book Kids, go to the <Compare Places> module, click on <Compare Everything>, and compare Honduras to the United States. Do you notice anything similar about the two countries? What are some things that are different?

4. Go to National Geographic Kids. Use your arrow keys to move through the slideshow of pictures of Honduras at the top of the website. Scroll down the website and look under Nature to see what kinds of animals live in Honduras. Do you see any animals that are common to Honduras and to the United States?

Honduras Webquest sheet

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Created 11/2017